At Agile Contract Management we focus on developing and providing
contract services that fit your business needs.


Find Contracts

Find and Organize Existing Contracts

ACM will work alongside business partners to gather all existing agreements and then organize them in a centralized contract repository for ease of access.

Build Database

Build a Contract Abstract Database

Reviewing all existing agreements, ACM will build a contract database by abstracting each agreement. The contract abstract can be customized to outline the data points and clauses most important to your business, such as limitation of liability, indemnification, termination, and contract value. New agreements are added to the database going forward so that business partners can easily find agreements based on more than thirty different attributes.

Audit and Plan

Contract Audit and Remediation Plan

A contract audit highlights the various areas of risk within each of your current agreements, allowing you to evaluate your company’s exposure at any given time. This can be used as both a risk analysis, audit review and/or remediation tool.

contract playbook

Develop and Maintain a Contract Playbook

A contract playbook is an essential tool for business use in contract review and negotiation. A single, easy to navigate document, the contract playbook is a resource which reduces a business’s overall strategy to writing. It contains preferred contract language, fallback language and explanatory notes to help guide the contract analyst through each contract review.

Contract Administration

Fully Managed Contract Administration

ACM provides a full service approach, which includes the preparation of your company’s contract playbook, on-demand contract review and redlining by our senior-level paralegals, participation on client negotiation calls and the drafting of various other contractual documents.

Contract Dashboard

Contract Dashboard

The contract dashboard summarizes your contracts across several data points including, Terminating within 90 Days, Contracts under Negotiation, New Contracts, etc.

Not Software

Not Software

Paying for management software does not yield the same benefits as Agile Contract Management. Your on-demand paralegal team is actively involved in review and negotiation and not just housing and tracking deadlines.

Contract Review

On-demand Contract Review

ACM also provides one-off contract reviews for clients who simply need a single agreement managed.